Top PHP Frameworks

Hello folks! welcome to another section of our tutorial on PHP. In this tutorial guide, we are going to be discussing about the top PHP Frameworks.

What is a Framework?

Framework can be described as a group of software or program, that trigger off easy coding and as well implementing of the codes.It helps a programmer to achieve goals in a short period of time. If a PHP code is integrated with framework, then you can do anything with PHP coding skill.

List of Major PHP Frameworks with Explanations

The following below are the major frameworks available in PHP -


Symfony is developed for highly professional programmers to build websites using PHP components such as Drupal, PHPBB, laravel, eX, OROCRM and piwik.


FuelPHP function based on Model View Control and it has different innovative plugins. FuelPHP have support for a router base theory where you might route directly to the nearer input url, making the closure the controller and giving it control of further execution.


FlightPHP is very helpful to make RESTful web services and it is licensed by MIT.


CakePHP is a greater source for building up simple and great web applications in an easy manner. Some great features which are in-built are the input validation and the SQL injection prevention that keeps your application secure.


  • No need to configure
  • Build Quickly
  • MIT license
  • Secure
  • MVC Model


Laravel is so useful for RESTful routing and for light weight bled tempting engine. It is integrated with some of the nice and great components of well tested and reliable code.


YiiFramework functions based on web 2.0 with high end security. It includes input validation, output filtering, SQL injection.

Phalcon PHP

Phalcon PHP function based on MVC and its fully integrated with innovative architecture to boost up its performance.


Zend is a modern framework for performing of very high end web applications. This works based on the cryptographic as well as the secure coding tool.

PHPixie functions based on MVC and designed for fast and also reliability to develop websites.

Codeigniter is simple in developing small fool print for programmer who need simple toolkit to build innovative web applications.

Agavi is a powerful framework and is based on MVC model. It allows programmers to write clean and maintainable code.

Alright guys! This is where we are rounding up for this tutorial post. In our next tutorial guide, we are going to be discussing about Core PHP vs Framework PHP.

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