Monday, May 25, 2020

jQuery Weather.js Plugin

Hello guys! Welcome to a new section of my tutorials on jQuery. In this tutorial post, i will be discussing about the jQuery Weather.js plugin.

jQuery Weather.js is a jQuery plugin that is used for finding information about weather details.


Below is a simple Weather.js example -

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang = "en">
      <meta charset = "UTF-8">
      <meta name = "viewport" content = "width = device-width, 
         initial-scale = 1">
      <link rel = "stylesheet" 
         href = "">
      <link rel = "stylesheet" 
         href = "">
      <link href = ',300,600,700'
         rel = 'stylesheet' type = 'text/css'>
      <link rel = "stylesheet" type = "text/css" href = "weather.css">
   <body id = "weather-background" class = "default-weather">
      <canvas id = "rain-canvas"></canvas>
      <canvas id = "cloud-canvas"></canvas>
      <canvas id = "weather-canvas"></canvas>
      <canvas id = "time-canvas"></canvas>
      <canvas id = "lightning-canvas"></canvas>
      <div class = "page-wrap">
         <header class = "search-bar">
            <p class = "search-text">
               <span class = "search-location-text">
                  What's the weather like in 
                  <input id = "search-location-input" 
                     class = "search-location-input" type = "text"
                     placeholder = "City"> ?
            <div class = "search-location-button-group">
               <button id = "search-location-button" 
                  class = "fa fa-search search-location-button search-button">
               <!--  -->
               <button id = "geo-button" class = "geo-button fa
                  fa-location-arrow search-button"></button>

         <div id = "geo-error-message" class = "geo-error-message hide">
            <button id = 'close-error' class = 'fa fa-times 
               close-error'></button>Uh oh! It looks like we can't 
               find your location. Please type your city into the search 
               box above!

         <div id = "front-page-description" 
      class = "front-page-description middle">
            <h1>Blank Canvas Weather</h1>
         <div class = "attribution-links hide" id = "attribution-links">
            <button id = 'close-attribution' 
               class = 'fa fa-times close-attribution'></button>
            <h3>Icons from <a href = "">
               Noun Project</a></h3>
               <li class = "icon-attribution">
                  <a href = "">
                  Cloud</a> by Pieter J. Smits</li>
               <li class = "icon-attribution">
                  <a href = "">
                  Snow</a> from National Park Service Collection</li>
               <li class = "icon-attribution">
                  <a href = "">
                  Drop</a> Alex Fuller</li>
               <li class = "icon-attribution">
                  <a href = "">
                  Smoke</a> by Gerardo Martín Martínez</li>
               <li class = "icon-attribution">
                  <a href = "">
                  Moon</a> by Jory Raphael</li>
               <li class = "icon-attribution">
                  <a href = "">
                  Warning</a> by Icomatic</li>
               <li class = "icon-attribution">
                  <a href = "">
                  Sun</a> by Jory Raphael</li>
               <li class = "icon-attribution">
                  <a href = "">
                  Windsock</a> by Golden Roof</li>
         <div id = "weather" class = "weather middle hide">
            <div class = "location" id = "location"></div>
               <div class = "weather-container">
                  <div id = "temperature-info" class = "temperature-info">
                     <div class = "temperature" id = "temperature">
                     <div class = "weather-description" id = "weather-description">
                  <div class = "weather-box">
                     <ul class = "weather-info" id = "weather-info">
                        <li class = "weather-item humidity">Humidity:
                           <span id = "humidity"></span>%</li><!---->
                        <li class = "weather-item wind">Wind: <span 
                           id = "wind-direction"></span> <span 
                           id = "wind"></span> <span 
                           id = "speed-unit"></span></li>
                  <div class = "temp-change">
                     <button id = "celsius" 
                        class = "temp-change-button celsius">°C
                        </button><button id = "fahrenheit" 
                        class = "temp-change-button fahrenheit">
            src = "">
         <script src = "weather.js">

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Alright guys! This is where we are wrapping it up with this tutorial. In my next tutorial post, i will be starting my tutorials on Wordpress. Feel free to ask your questions where necessary and i will attend to them as soon as possible.

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Thanks for reading and bye for now.


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