Wednesday, May 27, 2020

How to Configure WordPress General Settings

Hello guys! Welcome to a new section of my tutorials on WordPress. In this tutorial post, i will be discussing about how to open the WordPress General Settings and using it in setting up the basic configuration settings for your site.

WordPress general settings is used in setting up the basic configuration settings for your site. 

Following below are the simple steps to access the general settings -

Step 1 - Click on Settings → General option in WordPress as shown in the screenshot below.

Set 2 - The general settings page is displayed as shown in the screenshot below.

Following are the details of the fields on general settings page -

  • Tagline - Displays a short description about your site.
  • WordPress Address (URL) - It is the URL of the WordPress directory where all core application files are stored.
  • Site Address (URL) - Enter the site URL in which you want your site to display on the browser.
  • E-mail Address - Enter your email address. It will help for password recovery and any update.
  • Membership - Any one can register on your site after you check this checkbox.
  • New User Default Role - The default role is set for the newly registered user or members.
  • TimeZone - It sets up the time zone based on a particular city.
  • Date Format - Sets the date format as you need it to be displayed on the site.
  • Time Format - Sets the time format as you need it to be displayed on the site.
  • Work Starts On - Select the week, day which you prefer to start for WordPress calendar. It is set as Monday by default.
  • Site Language - Sets the language that is used for the WordPress Dashboard.


Step 3 - After filling the information about general settings, click on Save Changes button. It saves all your general settings information.

Alright guys! This is where am wrapping it up on this tutorial. In my next tutorial post, we will be looking into the writing settings. Feel free to ask your questions where necessary and i will try my best to attend to them as soon as possible.

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Thanks for reading and bye for now.


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