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Html Tags

Hello readers! welcome back to another section of my tutorial on Html. In this tutorial guide am going to be discussing about Html tags. As told in my previous post Html is a makeup language that makes use of tags. These tags are enclosed in angle braces eg <Tag Name>. Most of the tags in Html has a corresponding closing tags except for few tags that does not.

For example the <html> tag has a corresponding closing tag </html> and the <head> tag also has a corresponding closing tag as well </head>. Am gonna give a brief explanation of the basic html tags in this tutorial. Html Tags will be discussed in details in another of my tutorial.


Sr.NoTag & Description
This tag defines the document type and HTML version.
This tag encloses the complete HTML document and mainly comprises of document header which is represented by <head>...</head> and document body which is represented by <body>...</body> tags.
This tag represents the document's header which can keep other HTML tags like <title>, <link> etc.
The <title> tag is used inside the <head> tag to mention the document title.
This tag represents the document's body which keeps other HTML tags like <h1>, <div>, <p> etc.
This tag represents the heading.
This tag represents a paragraph.

Am hoping with the above table, you now have a basic knowledge of html tags. They will be treated in details in subsequent tutorials.

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