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Html Introduction

Hello guys! am kennedy by name and am going to be treating web design courses here in this blog, first am going to start with html.

For those of you that have no idea about web design, you would be wondering what i mean by Html. Html stands for hypertext Makeup Language and it is a language that is used for designing web pages. Hypertext refers to the manner in which webpages are being linked together to form a complete site.

Basic Html Document

Below here is the basic format for writing a html document.

<!DOCTYPE html>

            <title>Html document</title>

            <h4>this is a heading located in the body of the document</h4>   
            <p>This is my first paragragh</p>


Feel free to try the above code out and see the result for yourselves. simply download a good editor, copy the code above and paste it in the text editor you downloaded. Now save the document which you have created with the Hypertext Makeup Language extention in any folder of your choice, finaly open with your browser. GOODLUCK!!!

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